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A local electrician needed a logo and a website. He had already worked with a designer on logos and through that process knew what he didn't want. It became my job to discover how to tell the story of his brand visually.

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Client work (freelance), Logo, Desktop, & Mobile

My Role

UX Designer (team of one)

Focusing on Brand Strategy


Six months 

November 2019 - May 2020

Methods Used

Mood Board, User Interviews, Heuristic Evaluation, Comparative and Competitive Analysis, Feature Prioritization, User flows, Usability Testing, Final Design (Wix).

The Client

Known for quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Bright Lights Electrical services small and large jobs in both residential and commercial locations. Virtually all service calls, estimates, and daily operations are run by the owner and master electrician, Pete Ceja, while larger jobs include the owner as well as a small team.

The Opportunity

Create a website that illustrates the history of the company and services that Bright Lights Electrical offers. Starting with a logo to visually illustrate the mood of the company. 

Discovery Phase:

Mood Board

The client had already collected some images and generated a direction that he wished to go into. The main inspiration being an industrial image of a hand holding electricity. Words used to describe the spirit of the company would be "strong, electric, metallic, confident". Additional inspirations were collected to expand on the image and potentially take it into a new direction that wasn't previously considered. 

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Discovery Phase:


The logo went through many iterations and at every stage the client had suggestions for changes that I took into consideration. It became a learning process for both of us. He would present an idea for different colors, or  suggest a new way to illustrate the image. It became my job to bring his ideas to life so he could see how that concept landed in terms of his business. 

After creating twenty-seven iterations it was time to come to a conclusion and move forward with a final design. I presented the below seven iterations that best represented the different design ideas I created. The client ended up wanting a combination of the two middle designs. 

BLE LogoIterations-32.jpg

Final Design:


Logo Lockup

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Bright Lights Electrical-03.png


Bright Lights Electrical-02.png

Discovery Phase:


Once the logo was created it was time to put the website together. The client already had some copy put together about the history of the company and the services offered. From here is became my job to organize the website in an order that works for the user. 

After performing some interviews with people who have hired electricians in the past I learned some of the key points they look for. 

  • Looking for some they can trust.

  • Need to know services offered.

  • Requires someone local.

  • How to get into contact and arrange  for a quote?

Final Design: 


Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.56.48

Landing Page

This is the first thing that the user sees so making sure the message is clear was very important.


I worked on different versions of the header text with the client making sure it was catchy and communicated the business.  

The second thing the user sees is a brief description of the business and what to expect. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 1.31.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.57.23

List of services

The next feature a list of services offered by the business.

At the same time information is being offered a button to "request a quote" is always available in the sticky navbar, as well as contact information.


Following the list of services is information about pricing. Included in this feature is a "request a quote" call to action. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.57.31

Final Design: 

Launched Website

Whenever I offer my services to a small business, that doesn't have a designer or an engineering department on their team, the biggest pain point I hear about is how they cannot access the website they paid good money for. 

This complaint has lead me to research into website building platforms that would be accessible to someone with little to no design skills. Wix has become my platform of choice because of its dashboard that includes editing software, analytics, marketing tools, and domain management. 

When the final product is handed off to the client I can feel confident that they will be able to manage the website and even grow the business if they choose.

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.56.48