Case Study:
Branding, Website &
Business Strategy 

The Client:

Brujas Council is a co-facilitated council series, and workshop, based in the decolonization of indigenous medicines and ancestral ways of healing. 

The Oportunity:

Previously the group would only meet in person and events were distributed by word of mouth. The pandemic presented the need to meet virtually. I worked with the founder to create a brand, website, design the zoom events, and all marketing materials. Together we organize virtual events twice a month that highlight indigenous spiritual ways of healing. 



November 2020 to present

My Role:

Lead Designer

Marketing Materials & Strategy

Facilitate Research

Analyze Feedback

Build Product in Wix

Technical Support for events

Methods Used:


Visual Design


Design System

User Testing


New and existing participants show up to events every month

Branding and Visual Language


New Moon In Gemini


Discovery Phase:
Pivoting onto the online platform

It was a slow process to discover how this framework would work in an online space. Traditionally Brujas council was centered around ritual and in Indigenous culture photographing or videotaping is forbidden.


We had to rethink what council would look like in an online space. We discovered that a mixture of prayer, meditation, and lectures on traditions in different cultures was an effective framework. After a couple of events, we really got the hang of things. 

Using a platform like Wix was very important for keeping track of ticket sales, getting information to guests, and using it's robust analytics dashboard. Having everything in one place is extremely efficient and useful.


Getting the Message out:

Marketing strategy and design was important to put together to reach people on multiple platforms

  • Email Marketing : by telling the story of Brujas Council and keeping subscribers updated on our events we had more people sign up.


  • Instagram : is a powerful tool for reaching not only Council's network but the network of our facilitators

  • Website : a place for user's to learn, establish trust in the organization, and join events.


Final Design:
Live Site

As a white woman, it has been an incredible experience to uplift the voices of indigenous women. Especially in a time when this work is more important than ever. 

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