Highland Wholesale Foods Inc. is a food distribution company who had not made edits to their website since it was built in 2008. 

They asked me to redesign their website and update some of the information on the site.

Desktop design and mobile

My Role:

UX Designer (team of one)


Five Months (April to August 2020)

Methods Used:

Surveys, User Interviews, Heuristic Evaluation, Affinity Mapping, Journey Mapping, Comparative and Competitive Analysis, Feature Prioritization, User flows, Paper Prototype, Wireframes, Usability Testing, Final Design (Wix).

The Client:

Highland Wholesale Foods Inc. is a food distribution company that has been established since 1999. Through partnerships with distribution centers and export companies they provide value to food programs in the corrections industry, retail markets, non-profit food agencies, food banks, school programs, and other specialized markets.

The Opportunity:

Their website hasn't been updated since it was built circa 2008. Not only does the website require a facelift in it's visual design, but some of the written information on the site is out of date. It became my job to update the visual design and written copy. 

Discovery Phase:

Heuristic Analysis

The first step of this design challenge was to go through the current website and identitfy the changes needed. At first glance it is clear that the whole website will require a total overhaul. Some of the copy is salvageable but it will also require some editing. 

The landing page has alot of aesthetic components that need updating. For example the logo in the header is pixelated. A lot of the fonts are unnessarily small and not very readable. There are also too many buttons on the right hand side that are unnecessary to the business or simply don't work.

Many pages have issues where the content cannot be displayed and the content is out of date. 

An important consideration was an updated feature for making contact with the business.

Creating an updated contact sheet of people working at the company was also a direct request from the client.

Discovery Phase:

Comparative & Competitive Analysis

Highland Wholesale is a company that works in a B2B framework. This fact presented a challenge for how to approach the layout of the website. Performing research on companies that work within their business model was appropriate to fromulating how to maximize reach.